TPLUS Postpaid Service

When in Lao PDR you can obtain a local postpaid number for your existing phone; just visit one of our outlets identified with a TPLUS sign. You can make calls to all destinations and also send/receive SMS to many international numbers.* TPLUS SIM cards can be used with any non SIM locked GSM 900 phone. For more information please call 123 once you are on the TPLUS network. Your calls will be answered by our staff in English.


Price / minute


250 ₭

TPLUS to Others

250 ₭



International calling rates are different depending on the country you are calling. For more information please call our customer care team on 123 from your TPLUS phone.

Account Service

> Dial *121*XXXXXXXXXX# then call button. (Where XXXXXXXXXX is the refill number.)

You can select the language in which the network prompts are spoken to you. Dial 120 then press 5 to select the desired language

120 – Account Management.
121 – Recharge your account.
122 – Check your balance.
123 – Get assistance from our Customer Care team.